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Dodo, Durrell, Jambo & Trinity

Jambo, 1961-1992

The magnificent sculpture of Jambo the gorilla by David Cemmick was acquired by the Seymour Group at auction in the UK in October 2010, to commemorate the opening of the Merton Suites. Jambo was unveiled by Doctor Lee Durrell MBE in a ceremony on June 17th 2011, and is proudly on display in the hotel gardens.

"A magnificent individual, courteous and gentle"
Gerald Durrell

A Gentle Giant

Jambo shot to international news stardom overnight on August 31st 1986, when five-year-old Levan Merritt fell into the gorilla enclosure and lost consciousness. Jambo stood guard over the boy, placing himself between Levan and the other gorillas in what many experts believe to have been a protective gesture. He later stroked the unconscious boy. When Levan regained consciousness and started to cry, the other gorillas panicked and the giant silverback led them away. Most of the drama was filmed on home video and extensively photographed by zoo visitors. The publicity on major news channels and newspapers helped ease public fears about the perceived violent nature of gorillas.

The Suites

The Merton Suites are named in celebration of the fantastic work of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust:

A visit to Durrell Wildlife Park is an absolute must when spending time in Jersey: enlightening, educational and rewarding.

"Durrell [Wildlife Park] is a wonderful place to spend the day and the staff work very hard taking care of both the animals and the park. Would highly recommend it if you're visiting Jersey."
BeulahStP - TripAdvisor