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Meet our Deputy General Manager, Scott Hollywood

Meet our Deputy General Manager, Scott Hollywood

22 August 2017

In the 20 years since beginning his career, Scott has dedicated himself to the hospitality industry. He has constantly shown that he cares deeply about the guest experience and loves making sure that our guests have the best possible time during their stay at the Merton. The fact that he gets to know so many guests because they keep coming back time and again, shows that he's getting it right.

Focused on family fun

Scott's career has seen him work in hotels and restaurants throughout the UK, gaining the experience and understanding of people that makes him such an important member of the Merton team.

As a family man, Scott understands exactly what our guests are looking for in a Merton holiday. He knows that parents are looking for some quiet time whilst the kids are intent on having fun. Importantly, he understands that these differing aims can be brought neatly together in a well run and well-equipped family resort.

Although Scott has lived in several different towns, he's constantly amazed by all that Jersey has to offer. From the golden sands of St Brelade's beach to the historic monument of Mont Orgueil castle and the excitement of the Merton's own Aquadome, Scott is convinced that Jersey is the best family destination in the British Isles.

Always a good word

Of course, Jersey is just an hour away from France, so families enjoying their island holiday can also nip across the water to spend a day enjoying French food, wine and an incredible atmosphere in the historic walled city of St Malo. Well, that's what Scott and his family enjoy doing when they have the time!

If you've stayed at the Merton before, the chances are that you'll have met Scott and enjoyed chatting with him. If you're staying with us for the first time, he will always be pleased to talk with you, to learn about what is going well and, importantly, to find out whether there's anything that isn't working to your liking.

As Deputy General Manager at the Merton, Scott works hard to make sure all of our guests have a wonderful time. We'll sure you'll agree that he's doing a great job!

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