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Come and visit our award-winning gardens!

Come and visit our award-winning gardens!

15 August 2017

The gardens at the Merton Hotel are not only beautifully planted with trees and flowers that come into their own during the summer months, they're also a calm refuge from the busy world outside, offering somewhere to stroll (and hide!) when you just want to get away from it all.

It's easy to focus on our fantastic swimming pools and water slides, or the great food in the restaurants and friendly welcome in the bars, whilst overlooking the stunning gardens that lie just outside, waiting to be discovered.

An eye for a great garden

Thankfully, the judges from for the Parish Garden Awards weren't distracted by everything else that the Merton has to offer when they came to wander through our gardens, casting a judgmental eye over our gardening team's beautiful planting and landscaping.

The St Saviour Parish judges clearly enjoyed their time in our terraced gardens and appreciated the escape that they offer from the bustling town outside the garden walls, because they very kindly awarded us the title of Best Hotel Garden!

Wow! We were all delighted that our gardens could make such an impression on the judges, who must have seen plenty of stunning examples during the competition.

The fact that we won the award is a great testament to the hard and incredibly creative work undertaken by our gardening team, led by our fantastic Head Gardener Claudio Da Camara.

Gardens for everyone

If you haven't yet taken the time to wander through our gardens, then we strongly suggest you do. The terraces can be accessed from the different levels of the hotel, and the whole family will enjoy discovering all the hidden corners and coves. We also guarantee that kids will love discovering the play areas!

One great thing about our gardens is that they can also be enjoyed from indoors, which is perfect if the weather isn't perfect. There are few things more relaxing than enjoying an afternoon tea in our lobby bar whilst looking over the gardens, enjoying the kind of relaxation that only nature can offer.

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