Carmelita Fernandes

Carmelita Fernandes

General Manager, Greenhills Country House Hotel
What’s made you stay at Greenhills for so long?

Greenhills has been the best hotel that I've worked at in Jersey. I enjoy the set up, and the fact that Greenhills is a small hotel. The environment is very personal, guests are treated as individuals and not as a number.

When Greenhills was purchased by the Seymour family, the work ethic changed for the better. All the investment they made gave me the security that Greenhills is a very important part of their business, and they have done everything possible to make it a fantastic hotel to work at.

Best part of your job?

As Greenhills guests are locals as well as tourists. I get to meet the best of both worlds.

I get to meet lots of different people, and plenty of characters - it makes my job versatile and challenging. There are never two days the same.

Best thing about living in Jersey?

Jersey is a lovely island to live in, but please come with an open mind - some may find it too claustrophobic, depending where you come from.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of moving to the island to work at Greenhills?

As Greenhills is a small hotel, the work environment is friendly, professional and challenging. Being part of a large company gives you fantastic opportunities to develop your career.

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