We're offering local students the chance to turn their dreams of a successful career in hospitality into reality with a Seymour Hotels Centenary Bursary for university and college.

Bursary packages

What do the bursary packages include?

The University Bursary

The 'University' recipient will be awarded a £3,000 bursary to support their studies in a hospitality-related undergraduate degree, including culinary courses.



The Student Sponsorship Package

The 'Sixth Form' recipients will be awarded a student sponsorship package to support their studies on the Hospitality and Tourism or Culinary Arts full-time courses at Highlands College.

Bursary applications

Who should apply?

We want to hear from soon-to-be university and Highlands College students with a real passion for hospitality. As a recipient of a Seymour Hotels Centenary Bursary you'll receive friendly mentoring and plenty of real work opportunities. 


We don't expect you to be running the place from day one! We just want you to be enthusiastic, hardworking and willing to learn.

Our motivation

Why are we offering bursaries?

Over the past century, we have helped thousands of our team members – past and present – to go further, try harder, and achieve more than they thought possible.


The success of our business comes down to their hard work. 


These bursaries are our way of giving back to those who have given us so much. We want to help prepare the next generation of hospitality professionals to carry on their legacy of excellent customer service and family values.


Bursary applications

How do I apply?

Applications are simple. 


Contact Claire Reynard. If you'd like more information about the bursaries or our centenary celebrations, please call 01534 751609.


Email creynard@seymourhotels.com to apply.