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September's Gin of the Month - Brockmans

14 Sep 2017

Autumn is a time for getting cosy. Winter is on the horizon, golden leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in and the fireplace at Greenhills is calling.

There's no avoiding the onset of autumn. For some it's the sign of another summer gone, while for others autumn is the best season, one of earthy colours and cosiness.

Whatever your disposition, September evenings will always be enhanced by the taste of this smoothest of gins - Brockmans.

The taste of friendship

Brockmans was created by a group friends who wanted to design the finest of gins, one that's so smooth you can enjoy it neat, over ice.

In their search for the finest blend of botanicals, this band of pals sourced blackberries and blueberries from across northern Europe and, in so doing, not only gave Brockmans its characteristically fruity flavour but also injected a touch of that autumnal cosiness that so many of us crave at this time of year.

As well as juniper from Tuscany, liquorice from China and a touch of the Mediterranean emanating from the Spanish orange peel, lemon peel and almonds, the gin-loving gang at Brockmans added their own touch: a little splash of the friendship that comes from succeeding in a united endeavour.

100 year old distillery, 21st century taste

Finding the right combination of flavours is only one part of the challenge when it comes to creating a delicious gin. It's in the distillation that the separate aromas are brought together to form one fantastic fusion.

First, the aromatic botanicals are steeped in a pure grain spirit for hours to release their oils and aromas. The next stage is the distillation, which takes place in a 100 year old traditional copper still that, whilst capturing the heart of traditional gin distillation, also creates the truly smooth, modern taste of Brockmans.

When it comes to celebrating friendship and the onset of autumn, there's no better place than in the warm, welcoming surroundings of Greenhills, where, in the comfort of our lounge, you can enjoy Brockmans as you like it: on the rocks or perhaps with tonic and a twist.


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