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It's harvest time, so head to Greenhills!

21 Sep 2017

Jersey is an island that's blessed with all manner of local produce, and there's no better time to enjoy it than during the autumn harvest.

In an island steeped in centuries of farming history, it may be no surprise that Jersey has developed a well-earned reputation for the quality of its fruit and vegetables. From broccoli to cauliflowers, apples to pears, and not forgetting the quality of the often overlooked maincrop Jersey Royal potatoes, Jersey is an island of flavours and a paradise for local chefs.

Local food, incredible quality

Luckasz Pietrasz, Head Chef at Greenhills, strongly believes that such a wealth of locally grown produce should be reflected in the menus that he creates. For anyone dining at Greenhills, it's the tastes of Jersey that makes our food special.

Of course, it's not just local fruit and vegetables that make it on to our menus. When you eat at Greenhills, you can enjoy local scallops, hand caught in an wholly sustainable manner by father and son team, Mike and Josh Dearing at The Jersey Catch.

It's not only the hens that are happy!

Our eggs are laid by free range Happy Hens, the oldest and largest producer of free-range eggs in Jersey and our pork, sausage, bacon, milk, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream are all sourced from Classic Herd, the Island’s only independent dairy farm, where farmers Darren and Julia Quénault place a strong focus on ethical farming and the well-being of their animals.

Famed for their milk, Jersey cows have not always been recognised for the quality of their beef, but that's all changed now that the team at Valley Foods has crossed Jerseys with Aberdeen Angus cattle to produce a truly delicious and tender meat.

In our bar, you'll find beers ciders and gins that have all been developed, blended and made by the island's finest craft producers. Even our apple juice is pressed using a range of local apple varieties that evoke Jersey's celebrated cider making past.

Local quality

There's no doubt that the quality and range of local produce is a huge surprise to many, particularly given the island's size. At Greenhills we take enormous pride in using as much locally produced food as possible. Not only does this help promote the sustainability of the local environment and food producers, but it means that a visit to Jersey is only complete if it involves taking the time to enjoy the local food.

The Greenhills restaurant is open seven days a week. Please call 01534 481042 to make a reservation.


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