From a Jersey Farm to Jersey C.I. - 2007

Donna Wright's Story

Growing up on a Jersey farm in the U.S. made travelling to Jersey a special adventure for our family (three generations-our parents, my sister, and nieces) but staying at the Pomme d'Or was like finding a family. Our travel guide decided to find us a "deal" and booked us rooms at a different hotel-not good. After one night, we were at the front desk of the Pomme d'Or hoping for rooms.


Then we checked out of the other hotel, hired a cab for our parents, and pulled our suitcases down the street to the Pomme d'Or - we made it home. We've been fortunate to enjoy several trips to Jersey-visiting old friends, admiring the beautiful scenery, finding a new adventure and plenty of shopping - and each time we were greeted at the Pomme d'Or with a warm smile (we were pleased to see Joseph, on your website still welcoming guests to the hotel), great service, and delicious meals in the Harbor Room.


While we wandered around the island, our parents would sit in Liberation Square enjoying the view (and a Jersey ice cream). And when we arrived at the hotel Dad would say, "it feels like we've made it home." Thank you for all of our wonderful memories of your beautiful island and always making us feel like we had made it home.

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