A Memorable Merton Honeymoon - 1974

Jan and Tony Reynolds' story - 1974

It was on the 20th April, 1974 that my husband and I married before jumping on a British Caledonian flight the very next day to begin our 14 day honeymoon in the beautiful island of Jersey. It was at my brother-in-laws recommendation that we stayed at the Merton Hotel, he insisted that the ‘Honeymoon Hotel’ as it was known was the only place to spend our holiday, and we weren’t disappointed.


The warm welcome we received was one I’ll never forget, and our stay was perfect. I fondly remember the exquisite dining room with its wood panelling decor, the always-fun evening entertainment and fancy dress parties. I vividly remember being introduced by one of the friendly barmen to a ‘Rainbow’ cocktail, although I cannot recall how it was made, it instantly became my favourite drink which I would fondly enjoy every evening of our holiday. We remember sampling Jersey Royal potatoes for the first time and falling in love with the taste!


46 years on and we have returned to Jersey and the Merton Hotel at every opportunity, sometimes once a year if we could manage it. These days we prefer to travel by ferry so we can bring the car to explore all the nooks and crannies the island has to offer, and also to take as many fresh Jersey Royals back home with us as we can! Our favourite place in Jersey has always been Corbiere, and we will visit every time we come to the island no matter the weather! We love to walk to the lighthouse, sit by the sea and watch the waves roll in or the boats pass by. The nearby St Ouen’s Bay is another favourite walking spot of ours.


So you see we have very beautiful memories, and our numerous trips back to the island is always made perfect by our stays with you. We have enjoyed watching the hotel grow and flourish to the modern day. Hopefully, when we return to normality, we will be able to once more enjoy the hospitality that you have shown us over all these years.

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