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At the heart of the community

We recognise that much of our success - the reason why people come to Jersey and use our hotels - has been due to the beautiful location in which we carry out our business. Our hotel has always been at the heart of the community in Jersey, as an employer, an important user of local produce, providing places for local people to relax and unwind, as a supporter of local initiatives and charities and as proud owners of landmarks for significant events in Jersey history.

We are proud to have also been commended for our environmental policy.

Eco Active

The Pomme d'Or is proud to be a member of the eco active business network in Jersey, and to have been awarded level 2 of the eco active business scheme.

The eco active scheme is held in high regard and sets stringent standards covering a range of criteria, such as those listed below. We continue to monitor all of our policies closely to ensure that we support the principles set out within these initiatives, and are working actively towards the next goal.

Natural environment (biodiversity)

We recognise that our activities can impact on the natural environment and will do all we can to conserve this, particularly when considering new building development. Efforts are made to avoid the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, to reuse waste water in garden areas and to limit interference with the natural order of the Island's eco-systems.

Water conservation

We do all we can to ensure efficient use of water, installing water saving fixtures in public areas and guest rooms, reusing waste water where possible for garden watering and encouraging both guests and staff to be mindful of scarce water resources.

Waste management/recycling

Efforts are continually being made to reduce the amount of waste generated and reallocation of resources within the hotel is always considered before disposal. Whilst some waste (for example glass) is sorted for recycling at the disposal stage we recognise that more could be done within the Island as a whole and will work actively with the appropriate authorities to achieve this goal.


We recognise that, in order to reach Jersey, many of our guests will chose to travel by air, although we always ensure that information about sea routes is made available as an alternative. However we are able to influence more environmentally friendly forms of transport once our guests are in the Island and, as such, ensure that information about buses, and in particular about cycling and walking, is made readily available. 

Wherever practical we purchase locally and when sourcing goods from outside the Island we favour suppliers who subscribe to the principles of "Fair Trade" or similar ethical and environmental initiatives. 

Visitor awareness

We advise guests and other customers about our commitment to environmental improvements and invite them to support initiatives such as reduced towel laundering and energy and water conservation. We also encourage visitors to give us feedback about our performance in this area and to suggest ways we can make even more of a difference.

Staff awareness

Awareness of our environmental policy is a key feature of employee induction and training. We want to encompass the enthusiasm and commitment of staff by setting up "Green Teams" to help drive through improvements and initiatives, to generate new ideas and to monitor and to provide feedback on our activities.

Our Eco Action plans are monitored on an ongoing basis. These plans focus on the above activities in the following areas - Guest Facilities, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Administration and Reception.