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Meet our General Manager, Luis de Oliveira

06 Sep 2017

Running the Pomme d'Or Hotel is more than just a job for Luis. It's his passion.

When he arrived in Jersey, thousands of miles from his birthplace in Mozambique, Luis brought with him a wealth of experience, having managed some of South Africa's finest hotels and most beautiful resorts including the Riverside Hotel & Spa in Durban and the Alpine Heath resort in the breathtaking Drakensburg Mountains.

Dedicated to service

Luis has managed the Pomme d'Or for over 15 years, delivering the highest standards of service and managing a fantastic team that makes sure every guest has a wonderful stay, whether they're spending just a single night or using the Pomme as their base for a longer holiday in the island.

During his time at the Pomme, Luis has overseen the development of the hotel into one of Jersey's finest establishments for both leisure and business guests wanting to make the most of their visit to Jersey.

Always listening

As General Manager, Luis oversees the work of all staff at the hotel and you can see evidence of his excellent relationship with his colleagues in the superb levels of service that they all provide.

Most importantly, Luis likes to hear what our guests think about both Jersey and the Pomme d'Or itself. You can often find him speaking to guests and learning about their experiences. He takes everything on board with a view to making continuous improvements that ensure the Pomme d'Or maintains its standard as one of Jersey's top hotels.

Rubgy and beaches

Outside of work, Luis can often be found at Jersey Rugby Club, where he's an ardent supporter of the incredibly successful Jersey Rugby Club. You'll also find him enjoying and learning about the island itself, visiting heritage sites or taking the opportunity to enjoy a stroll in the sun around the island's beaches or St Helier's marinas.

If you see Luis during your stay at the Pomme d'Or, please do stop to let him know how you've enjoyed your time with us. Your thoughts on our service are incredibly important and always help him to make sure that we lead the way in providing a fantastic hospitality experience .