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Digging deep into Jersey's past

17 Aug 2017

If you stand in front of the Pomme d'Or Hotel, looking south over Liberation Square and the harbour beyond, you're not just standing in a modern town: you're standing among thousands of years of history.

A town full of history

To your left, high on Mount Bingham is the Napoleonic Fort Regent, which was built on the site of a neolithic dolmen some 4000 years older than the fort itself.

Behind you, the hotel itself is famous as the site from which allied troops announced the island's liberation from five years of occupation in 1945. Facing Liberation Square, the contemporary shopping arcade of Liberty Wharf is housed in a 19th century railway station.

Beyond them, just out of sight, is Elizabeth Castle, proudly sitting on an island in St Aubin's Bay that once sheltered Crown Prince Charles during the English Civil War, and one thousand years before provided a home to St Helier, the Christian martyr who gave his name to the town.

Discovering history everyday

Jersey is so steeped in history that much still lies undiscovered, and we're learning more on a daily basis.

As one of the guardians of Jersey's immense history, Jersey Heritage wants to help islanders and visitors learn more about our past, and is offering a fantastic opportunity to do just that on 20th August when they're opening up a live archaeological dig at Les Varines, in St Saviour, to the public.

Accompanied by experts, you can join the dig and learn about the incredible Ice Age history that they're uncovering everyday.

An historic experience

As well as watching the dig in progress, you'll be able to enjoy talks by experts and you can visit a pop-up museum that will be there for one day only.

To get to the dig, visitors are asked to meet at La Hougue Bie Museum, site of Jersey's most impressive neolithic grave. From there, you can join a shuttle bus that will take you to the dig. Just ask at the Pomme's front desk for information on how to get to La Hougue Bie.

This is a brilliant opportunity to get a unique insight into Jersey's history and to speak with the people dedicated to uncovering it. The whole experience is free of charge, but donations will be gratefully received.