Seymour Hotels wins Green Award at annual JHA event

Seymour Hotels wins Green Award at annual JHA event

23 October 2019

The 18th of October at the Royal Yacht hotel saw the JHA host their annual Gala Dinner, attended by businesses and individuals across the Hospitality industry.

This year for the first time they presented their own ‘Hoscars’ awards for various categories, one being the Green award established to recognise individual or businesses which have made a commitment to environmentally-friendly practices including using local produce and resources, which we are proud to announce was awarded to Seymour Hotels.

The group have taken huge strides to become greener and are overjoyed to be officially recognised as a leading environmentally responsible business. Environmental responsibility is something we take personally and we will continue to support further efforts and suggestions to minimise our impact on the environment. 

How has Seymour Hotels made the move to being more environmentally responsible?

The group has made various efforts and undertaken a number of projects to ensure a move towards becoming a greener business, including;

  • Investing £2.3m into a move from steam to low temperature hot water systems across the Merton Hotel, reducing oil consumption by 225,000 litres per annum.
  • Moving to LED lighting across the Group bringing both environmental benefits and energy savings.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint by sourcing local produce wherever possible.
  • Switching from steam to electric induction appliances in all kitchens, reducing cooking related energy by approximately 45%.
  • Removing approximately 560,000 single-use plastic items a year from operations.
  • Repurposing condemned linen is reused as rags.
  • Installation of dewaterer waste machine at the Pomme significantly reducing the amount of water wastage incurred in cleaning tableware and kitchen cooking utensils. We hope to introduce a dewaterer into the Merton over the coming winter period.
  • Encouraging staff and guests to limit water wastage with in room green cards. Further savings are achieved through the installation of water saving fixtures in public areas and guest rooms, whilst waste water is reused in the gardens.


This is just to list a few of our efforts. We are also proud to note that the Watersplash is an accredited member of Plastic Free Jersey and has been very proactive in establishing a public engagement program encouraging waste collection through the use of our ‘2 minute beach clean’. The Pomme d’Or, Greenhills and Merton Hotel are also accredited members of the Eco-Active business scheme and in the process of applying for their Plastic Free Jersey status.

The award was graciously received by Matthew Seymour (centre) and Ian Gray (centre right) of Seymour Hotels.


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