Hassle Free Christmas Lunch

Take the stress out of Christmas dinner this year

26 October 2020

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year filled with family, fun and food, but it can also be notoriously stressful to organise, particularly if you’ve been nominated as the Head Chef for your family Christmas dinner. 

Minimise the stress this year with some help from Seymour Hotels and order our Hassle-Free Christmas Lunch. Our festive package comes with everything you could possibly need to prepare a festive feast for between 6-20 people, with a mountain of seasonal veg, all the traditional trimmings and turkey crown. Choose the weight of your turkey crown based on how many hungry friends or family members you’ll be feeding. 

All veg and trimmings will be freshly prepared for easy cooking, with nothing more for you to do than pop in the oven. 

Place your order by the 10th December for turkey crown simply by emailing and relax knowing that your Christmas Day lunch is sorted ahead of time.

Your Turkey 

Boneless Turkey Crown - £15 per kg

  • 1.5kg - 2kg             6-8 people
  • 2kg - 3kg               7-11 People
  • 3kg - 4kg               10-16 People
  • 4kg - 5kg               14-20 People

(larger turkey crowns are available on request)

Please note that exact turkey weight may vary slightly

Vegetables and Trimmings

All included per person. Minimum order for 6 people @ £12 per head 

Items included:

  • Locally grown roasting potatoes
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Baton carrots
  • Parsnip wedges
  • Cauliflower florets
  • Broccoli florets

*All vegetables are washed, peeled, cut and oven ready for your convenience

  • Homemade chestnut, walnut & apricot stuffing balls
  • Cranberry Sauce (Ocean Spray)                        
  • Honey (Bon Maman)
  • Pigs In blankets (English)                                    
  • Duck Fat                                                
  • Sliced Dutch Bacon for sprouts                                  
  • Schwartz Cheddar Cheese Sauce 1 packet
  • Schwartz Bread Sauce 1 packet
  • Schwartz Turkey Sauce Gravy 1 packet
  • Vegetable trivet (Roasting Vegetables for turkey bed - inc: Carrots, celery, onion, fresh thyme, parsley, garlic clove)
  • Christmas pudding (Mathew Walker) - individual portion

Additional Items

  • Thanks Giving Vegan Nut Roast 350g  -  £6.50
  • Clive’s Organic Nut Roast 280g  -  £5.50
  • Homemade chestnut, walnut & apricot stuffing Balls (x 6)  -  £6.00
  • Pigs in Blankets (12 pieces)  -  £5.00
  • G/F Pigs in Blankets (6 pieces)  -  £2.50
  • Mini Brandy Mince Pies (x 6)  - £6.00
  • Christmas pudding - Mathew Walker  -  £2.50 (individual portions)


How to Order

  1. PLACE YOUR PRE-ORDER BY 10th December 2020 for turkey crown
  2. Email your order to
  3. Pay by card on confirmation of order
  4. Your order can be available for delivery or collection on the 23rd or 24th December between 10am – 6pm.

Collections available from the Pomme d’Or Hotel or home delivery available for £5.

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