A Statement from David Seymour, Managing Director

A Statement from David Seymour, Managing Director of Seymour Hotels

23 March 2020

So, after 100 years of successful trading by the Seymour Family, interrupted only by WWII and the German Occupation of Jersey between 1940-45, we are having to close our doors to our customers and guests for the very first time.

From 18.00 hours today and until further notice, our hotels and operations will only be available and accessible to categories of people for whom we have agreed to provide accommodation:

* Individuals who have been referred to our hotels for social distancing * Essential & key workers as determined by the States of Jersey.

We will continue to provide a delivery and takeaway service from the following establishments:

Seymour Hotels Catering - Home deliveries
Greenhills Country House Hotel
Watersplash Jersey (menu coming soon)

We had arranged to celebrate our Centenary Year in great style by commissioning some specially selected wines – we’ll be including these on our delivery menus soon, please make sure they don’t go to waste!

Stay safe & keep healthy

"It’s all about you at the end of the day, it’s why Seymour Hotels is committed to stay, we look to the future to push new frontiers, to help create memories for a hundred more years…"

Best wishes from all at Seymour Hotels of Jersey

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