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The Pomme d'Or and Jersey's Liberation

04 May 2017

The unrestricted happiness of ecstatic, flag-waving islanders cheering British soldiers as they wave from the Pomme d'Or Hotel's packed balcony is undeniably one of the most recognisable scenes in Jersey's history.

For five long, unpleasant years the Pomme d'Or, like many of the island's major buildings, had been commandeered by the German leadership who used it as the headquarters of their navy in the island.

72 years ago, on May 9th 1945, the Pomme d'Or entered Jersey's history books for all time as it became the focal point of liberation celebrations for islanders who, having been brought to the point of starvation, were finally informed that they would be free again. The crowds gathered in front of the hotel to see the Union flag raised for the first time in five years.

A privileged position
That glorious day in 1945 has remained in the island's collective consciousness ever since. In the decades since, the Pomme d'Or has provided the backdrop to Jersey's annual Liberation Day celebrations, hosting Vera Lynn in 1990, as she kindly opened our Liberation Suite. In 2005, Her Majesty the Queen joined the celebrations and met modern day crowds in the same location as those joyous masses sixty years earlier.

The Pomme d'Or Hotel occupies a privileged position in Jersey's history of the last 200 years, but those events of May 1945 stand out as the most important that the island, and the hotel, may ever see.

As islanders celebrate Liberation Day once again, everyone at the hotel understands the significance of our role back in 1945. Today we're proud to be able to play a small part in helping the island remember its escape from oppression and its celebration of freedom, all those years ago.

A day of celebration
Between 9:30 and 12:00, the focus of Jersey's Liberation Day celebrations takes place right in front of the Hotel. The programme includes parades, the Bailiff’s address, community singing and a re-enactment of the Liberation that includes the jubilant scenes on the Pomme d'Or's balcony all those years ago.

There are events taking place all day throughout the island, so before heading off, you could round off the morning with Liberation Day lunch in the Harbour Room restaurant. Served between 12:30 and 2:00pm, this hearty three course meal costs just £25 per person and will prepare you well for a day of celebration.

Liberation Day lunch at the Pomme d'Or is always popular, so it's best to book by calling 01534 880110.