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It's Mojito month!

29 Mar 2019

When the spring sun shines, we get our Mojito on! 

Cold, refreshing and flavoursome, you'd be hard pressed to find a better sunshine cocktail than the Mojito.

A short history of a sharp cocktail

Historians believe a crude version of the Mojito was first mixed in the 16th century as a cure for sailors suffering scurvy.

The truth is, lime would have been sufficient to fend off the disease, but it would be rude not to add a bit of the good stuff for 'pain relief'!

Lime and sugar were perfect additions to temper the harshness of early rum batches, but as production was standardised and the rum became more drinkable, the Mojito quickly became the drink of choice for people living in the Caribbean.

The original is the best

Today the Mojito is the UK's favourite cocktail. Many variations have been created over the years, but here at Pomme we still believe that the traditional mix of white rum, soda water, mint, sugar and lime is the best.

You can try our version of the Mojito - and all our cocktails - at The Café Bar and in The Harbour Room.

Making a Mojito

Ice in. Lime in. Mint in. Rum in. Sugar in.

Crush with pestle. 

Fill with soda water.

Serve ice cold. Enjoy!