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Immerse yourself in Jersey's Liberation

26 Jul 2017

The liberation of Jersey after five years of Nazi occupation is an event that's still celebrated as the island's greatest day, one that reminds islanders of the importance of living in a free society and the sacrifices that were made in order to restore freedom to the island.

The island's liberation was proclaimed from the balcony of the Pomme d'Or Hotel as soldiers from Force 135 gathered in front of thousands of joyous islanders to announce the end of occupation.

Weekend re-enactment

Even now, 72 years later, islanders see it as their duty to ensure the lessons of occupation and liberation are never forgotten. One of the groups dedicated to commemorating these enormous events is "Tommies of the Royal Artillery, Force 135" who will spend the weekend of 29 and 30 July re-enacting the lives of the soldiers who came ashore on 9 May 1945 to free the island.

Taking place at Elizabeth Castle (normal entry fees apply), the "Tommies" will spend the weekend in period tents on the Castle Green living, eating and breathing the life of a Liberation soldier.

During the weekend, they'll demonstrate the kinds of activities that were undertaken by the British Army at the time, including gathering deadly mines left by the Germans and making use of captured radios.

Journey through time

The re-enactment is open to everyone to watch and observe, and will include displays of period vehicles, weapons, equipment and clothing.

Regardless of your age or knowledge of Jersey's liberation, this is sure to be a fascinating event that will be well worth the journey out to Elizabeth Castle from West Park.

The castle and its reef are themselves home to more than 1000 years of island history and whilst there, you will be able to tour the museum and St Helier's hermitage, where murderous events in the sixth century led to the missionary becoming the island's patron saint

If you'd like to visit the castle this weekend, you can walk or catch the regular amphibious ferries. If you plan to walk from the Pomme, be sure to check tides first and if you are staying with us ask at hotel reception for information on the best times to travel.