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Book directly for the best offers at the Pomme

28 Feb 2018

As a leading hotel in Jersey, the Pomme d'Or features on plenty of third party booking and travel sites, many of which feature great offers. However, did you know that you can also book directly with us?

When you do, we guarantee the very best customer service, the widest selection of rooms and exclusive offers, all through our online booking system.

Secure and exclusive

Not only will you get the very best offers when booking directly via our website, but you'll enjoy flexibility in case you need to amend your reservation. Our secure online reservations system lets you amend, modify or cancel your stay with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Most importantly, when you book via the Pomme d'Or website you receive access to exclusive offers that you really won't find elsewhere.

So before you head to your usual holiday booking site, please do take a look at booking directly with the Pomme d'Or. You could find the benefits make it worth your while.