Planting new hope for the next 100 years

Planting new hope for the next 100 years

08 January 2021

It’s safe to say our initial intended centenary celebrations didn’t exactly go as expected in 2020!

One of the projects we had planned for our centenary year was to plant 100 apple trees to mark the turning of a new century of successful business for the Seymour Hotels Group. Apple trees were our chosen tree as Jersey has a rich history of producing cider and indeed our Pomme d’Or Hotel (the Golden Apple) was actually named after one!
Unfortunately, these plans were put on hold due to the late delivery of the trees this time last year followed by the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic and ‘lockdown’ thereby missing the window of opportunity during the planting season. However, all this was successfully addressed on Monday 4 January 2021 when a small team of dedicated management and staff and members of the Seymour family braved the elements and rolled up their sleeves to start planting the trees under the careful guidance and support of Jersey Trees for Life, a local charity dedicated to providing protection, care and education for and about trees in the Island.


To be known as the Centenary Orchard, the one hundred trees include a number of different apple varieties including Hertfordshire Russet, Lord Lambourne, Charles Ross, Fiesta, Douces Dames and J77 – the latter being the one the Pomme d’Or Hotel is named after!

It is hoped that when the trees are mature enough to be harvested then the apples will be supplied to one of the remaining cider producers on the Island in addition to one producer who provides fresh apple juice served specifically at our Greenhills Country House Hotel.

So, although a year later than planned, we are delighted that we have now achieved our goal – 100 years & 100 trees – a true legacy for generations to come!

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