Making a Difference in the Boxing Ring

Making a Difference in the Boxing Ring

25 May 2017

Most of us will have sought to raise money for local charities at some point in our lives, but few of us will have gone to quite the same lengths as Stef who, along with several other community-minded islanders, decided to raise money by testing her mettle in the boxing ring.

Raising funds for local good causes

White Collar Boxing gives non-boxers the opportunity to train for and compete in a three-round bout in order to raise funds for local good causes.

Whilst the fights themselves might last a matter of minutes - possibly the longest minutes or so in the fighters' lives - White Collar Boxing is certainly not for the faint-hearted or those lacking willpower and commitment.

Months of training

Training starts months in advance of Fight Night and boxers are only able to compete if they get the go ahead from their trainers. For Stef, training meant regular sessions at the gym, being driven hard by coaches Ben and Allan. As well as making sure she had the necessary fitness and stamina for the bout, Stef also had to learn the basics of boxing, which are a lot more complex than they appear.

Three rounds to remember

Stef was matched for the fight with fellow fundraiser and fighter Shannon. They stepped into the ring in front of a packed audience before getting their heads down and their gloves up for a true test of their steel.

After three rounds, it came down to a judges decision and we were all delighted that they awarded the fight to Stef!

"Amazing experience"

"It was the most amazing experience of my life," Stef said after the big night. "I'd recommend boxing as a challenge to anyone but I must admit, I'll never do it again. It’s certainly not my new hobby!"

"I couldn't believe that I won my fight and then also took home the boxer of the night award. It was a fantastic evening, which put me on a massive high and most importantly raised thousands of pounds for local charities."

Incredibly proud

Everyone at Seymour Hotels is incredibly proud of Stef and all of her boxing colleagues. Most importantly, she managed to raise over £1,600 for two local charities, which is something that's going to make a real difference to many people in the island.

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