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An Update from the Merton Aquadome Team

An Update from the Merton Aquadome Team

19 June 2020

It is with great pleasure that we will be welcoming our members back to the Aquadome Leisure Club from Monday 29 June.

As we are sure you will understand, we have had to make many changes to be able to operate within government guidelines and play our part in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. We will be doing as much as we can to ensure that you have a great experience with us, however the way things operate will be different to what you will be used to, and we ask for your help and understanding as we do our very best to keep everyone safe.

The safety and wellbeing of our members, guests, and staff have always been a top priority and we have always been committed to the highest standards of cleanliness. In the current situation, we have implemented new, stringent, precautionary measures to provide a safe and clean environment for all. We have developed new procedures so that we can all be safer together while we splash out and work out at the Aquadome. We will be asking everyone to physically distance and keep 2 metres apart at all times. This will also apply when using gym equipment, swimming, and participating in classes. This does not apply if you are members of the same household.

As we will need to limit numbers for the gym, swimming and classes, we have reduced the number of memberships available at this time and increased the number of classes. So that we can safely manage the number of people in the gym at one time, a gym booking system is now in place where you can book a 90 minute slot. This can be done through the Aquadome Reception in the same way you can book classes.

To allow for physical distancing, we can have 7 people using the cardio room and 4 in the resistance room at any one time. Our total amount of swimmers will be capped at 50 and a swimming band system will be in place. Where possible, our classes will take place on our ball court to allow for 40 participants, however in inclement weather this will be reduced as the class will need to take place indoors.

As our facilities are reduced we will also be asking everyone to come ‘gym or swim ready’ and bring a towel with you as our changing rooms will not be available due to required physical distancing. If participating in a class, we also ask that you bring your own mat if possible. Toilet facilities are available and we will provide increased hand wash facilities and sanitising stations. We will ask that you wash your hands regularly and sanitise any equipment before and after you use it. We will of course be regularly sanitising the most used touch points.

Our team members will be doing their very best to ensure that these procedures are easy to follow but they will need your co-operation. Our staff may also be wearing face covering and will also need to keep a physical distance. Therefore we will rely on you to help us maintain cleanliness and physical distancing, and to exercise self-awareness and the awareness of others during your stay as we continue to move towards getting things back to normal.

We are truly thrilled to be welcoming members back and hope that we have addressed any concerns and managed your expectation of how things will be for the foreseeable future.


We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

The Aquadome team.


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