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Sun, Sea and Surf at the Watersplash!

Sun, Sea and Surf at the Watersplash!

19 July 2017

Jersey is an island blessed with beaches of all shapes and sizes, but if you're looking for a taste of the true surfer lifestyle, none can compare to St Ouen's Bay.

Home to one of Europe's oldest surf clubs, St Ouen's Bay is the home of surfing in Jersey. People of all ages have been taking to the waves here since at least the 1920s and today you'll find this stunning beach is more popular than ever.

Surf school

If you fancy trying your hand at surfing, then the Jersey Surf School offers lessons throughout the summer but if your idea of tasting the surfing lifestyle is shore-based, then you can't go wrong by heading for the Watersplash.

Generations of islanders have grown up with the 'Splash as the backdrop to their summers, and today you'll find islanders of all ages heading down to enjoy the food and drink at the Watersplash Beach Bar & Diner, a completely informal restaurant where beach shorts are the norm. The Diner offers a fantastic menu that ranges from stunning salads to tasty Thai curries and - of course - fabulous fish and chips.

Prepare to relax

Most weekends, the ever-present sound of the sea is accompanied by live music or DJs playing their beachside sets. As you sit back to enjoy watching the surfers take to the waves, the feeling of contentment and well-being is almost overwhelming.

If you'd like to head to the 'Splash, it's easily accessed by car or bus. Just ask our staff if you'd like to know more about getting there but if you find you can't wait, then you can always bring the waves to wherever you are by watching the 24/7 live Splash-cam.

Beware! The one danger with the Watersplash and St Ouen's Bay is that once you've been there, it's very hard to go anywhere else!

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