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Meet our General Manager - Michael McInerney

Meet our General Manager - Michael McInerney

31 October 2017

It's rumoured that when Michael left Ireland for Jersey 20 years ago, he brought the sun with him. As a result, we've got much better weather than the Emerald Isle!

OK, so Michael may not have stolen the sun from his homeland, but there's no doubt that his constant smile and joie de vivre act like little rays of sunshine over here.

Great times lie ahead

Michael is the manager that everyone likes to meet, and the truth is, he likes to meet you too. Nothing makes Michael happier than talking with his guests and making sure everyone's having a great time.

As General Manager, Michael has responsibility for the whole hotel and ensuring that every department - from the entertainment staff to the restaurant teams - are working well, have everything they need and are delivering the standards that our guests expect.

Making good times happen

Michael and his family moved to Jersey over two decades ago, and he's worked at the Merton ever since. When he's not making sure that our guests are having the time of their lives, Michael loves exploring the island on foot and on two wheels. He and his family have fallen in love with Jersey and are very much a part of our friendly local community.

During your stay, if you get the chance, feel free to stop him and have a chat. Michael always wants to hear what our guests think of the Merton and the island. If there's anything he can do to make your stay even better, you can count on him to make it happen!

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