Cameo Rascale

Cameo Rascale

02 July 2017

James Capener and Rebecca Borromei continue the legacy of Cameo Rascale with a brand new and exciting show that is guaranteed to have any audience on the edge of their seats. Performing with his family for over 15 years in top hotels, resorts, International casinos and cruise ships, and after winning his way through to the Grand Final of 'Australia's Got Talent 2009', James Capener has taken on the family act with his new partner Rebecca Borromei. This talented duo have brought a new dynamic of exciting skills to the stage to create the unforgettable.... 'Cameo Rascale' the next generation.

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Free admission for Seymour Hotels residents.


Non residents are welcome to enjoy this show at a small charge of £5 per adult payable on the evening.

There’s no need to pre-book, just turn up!

Overnight stay packages available.

Tel: 01534 724231

Email: events@mertonhotel.com