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October's Gin of the Month - Tarquin's

25 Oct 2017

There are gins, and then there's Tarquin's Handcrafted Cornish Dry Gin. This truly delightful infusion of stunning botanicals, distilled within exceptionally pure Cornish spring water, captures the true spirit of the artisan.

Small batches, enormous attention to detail

Made in batches of just 300 bottles, Tarquin's isn't afraid to remind people that this gin is something special. From the modern take on the ancient tradition of sealing bottles with wax through to the clearly discernible pride in the handwritten distiller's notes that you'll find attached to every bottle, Tarquin's is a gin that sets itself apart.

Maybe it's the fragrant taste of Devon violets, handpicked from the gardens of the southern English county, that gives Tarquin's its uniquely refreshing taste. Or it could be the fact that the Head Distiller of the tiny Southwestern Distillery is so impressed by his achievement in designing and creating the gin, that he's put his own name to it.

Sourced from four continents

In reality, it's difficult to pin down exactly why Tarquin's tastes so good, because so much care and distilling expertise goes into every bottle. The ingredients themselves are sourced from the farthest corners of four continents, with only the finest examples of Kosovan juniper berries, Madagascan cinnamon and Guatemalan green cardamon seeds making it through the rigorous selection process and into the distiller's pot.

Micro reaction, maximum taste

We mustn't forget the very special flame-fired copper pot that's used for every distillation, and is so important to achieving the final characteristic taste of Tarquin's that she's been given a name: Tamara - after the River Tamar that divides Cornwall from Devon.

Once the flame has been set, its interaction with Tamara's copper body causes millions of micro-reactions to kick off within the slowly heating spirit. The result is a gin of genuine complexity that delights the connoisseur and the novice in equal measure.

In an age criticised for the dullness of mass production, Tarquin's Handcrafted Cornish Dry Gin is a shining example of the brilliance that only small-scale manufacture can deliver. At Greenhills, we would be delighted for you to join us in raising a glass to celebrate the unrivalled expertise of the artisan.

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