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Meet the man behind the menu - Lukasz Pietrasz

04 Apr 2019

Lukasz Pietrasz, the innovative head chef here at our country house hotel, is a tough man to pin down. 

When he's not tasting, seasoning and plating up to perfection in our kitchen, he's busy developing new dishes that celebrate the very best of Jersey's seasonal delicacies

Cooking is Lukasz' passion. He lives to cook, and for him, it's not just a job - it's a state of mind, to continuously push the boundaries and find perfect pairings. 

When we got the chance to sit down with Lukasz, he'd just put the final touches to the spring à la carte menu he'll be serving from the 8th of April.

Interviewer: Congratulations on the new menu Lukasz, what was your inspiration for the new dishes?

Lukasz: Anyone that's eaten here before knows I love to use Jersey's seasonal ingredients. But what makes our new menu different is the experimentation. I design all my menus to be interesting for the guests to choose from, and also interesting for my team to cook. 

Interviewer: You've made the most of the opportunities Seymour Hotels have offered you. Can you tell us more about your journey here at Greenhills?

Lukasz: I moved here several years ago from my homeland of Poland and immediately begun working and training at Greenhills as a Chef de Partie. As my skills developed, so did my responsibilities. I was promoted to pastry chef, then sous chef, eventually handed the keys to the kitchen about four years ago as Head Chef. 

Interviewer: What made it easy for your to rise up the ranks at Greenhills? 

Lukasz: I wouldn't say I found it easy, but cooking is my passion. I love what I do and that's the most important thing. That passion makes me want to learn and I think the team here noticed that, and gave me the opportunities to progress.

Interviewer: What's your cooking style? 

Lukasz: I love to experiment with modern cooking techniques and seasonal ingredients. Sous vide is one of my favourite techniques at the moment, and it's a great way to cook Jersey's delicacies.

Wherever I go I like to cook local food, and I'm proud to use the best of Jersey's flavours - from the sea, field or farm, the fresher the better! 

Try Lukasz's new menu for yourself

Lukasz's new spring menu will be available in Greenhills' restaurant during dinner service from the 8th of April. 

Booking is always recommended and you can make a dinner reservation by calling our friendly team on +44 (0) 1534 481 042

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