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June's Cocktail of the Month: Jersey Royal Mint Cooler

16 Jun 2017

Lounging poolside at Greenhills, surrounded by Jersey's lush countryside and our beautiful gardens, is a wonderful way to spend those lazy summer days. But not every day can be a holiday, so wherever you are as the temperature rises and your thoughts turn to refreshment, we suggest you try our Cocktail of the Month for June: the Jersey Royal Mint Cooler!

A classic cocktail with a local twist

There's something refreshingly simple and elegant about a gin and mint cocktail. Summer flavours of elderflower, cucumber, lemon and mint combine effortlessly with the rounded juniper tones that give gin its unique taste, to create a drink that will make you sparkle under the heat of the summer sun.

We've taken this well known classic and added a unique island twist by using premium Jersey Royal Gin to create a cocktail that truly encapsulates the joys of a Jersey summer.

Introducing Jersey Royal Gin

Jersey Royal is an artisanal gin crafted in the island at La Mare Wine Estate using an Alembic Charantais Cognac distillery. La Mare has combined the subtlety of a balanced gin that contains seven classic botanicals, with the heritage and unique influence of the world renowned Jersey Royal potato.

Chemistry is the key

To make a superb Jersey Royal Gin and mint cocktail, it's vital to get the chemistry right and carefully blend the ingredients to ensure you you get the taste of summer that you're looking for. A great tip - if you fancy a bit of a kick in your drink, just add an extra twist of lemon.

50ml Jersey Royal Gin
Two tender top sprigs of washed fresh mint
1cm thick slice of fresh cucumber, quartered
Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic
1 small mint sprig and thin lemon slice to garnish

Place the gin, mint and cucumber pieces in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and stir for a minute, squashing down the mint and cucumber with the back of a spoon to bruise them well and release their juices. Then strain the mixture into a tall, thin tumbler containing a couple of ice cubes, and top up with spritzy elderflower tonic, before finishing with a garnish of mint and lemon.


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