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July's Gin of the Month: Martin Miller's Gin

05 Jul 2017

Surrounded by leafy green lanes in the heart of Jersey, Greenhills is not only an historic hotel, it is utterly enchanting - the ideal place to enjoy the world's "most enchanting gin"!

Every month we feature a premium gin that offers something new to our guests. This month we're focusing on a gin that really is like no other - Martin Miller's Gin.

History meets modernity

Martin Miller's Gin is a fusion of England's finest traditional distilling techniques and Iceland's purest, softest spring water - a unique blend of tastes that cannot be found elsewhere.

Martin Miller conceived of his gin because he was left dissatisfied by the modern day "confections" that he felt were being passed off as gin. He wanted to create a drink that was not only smooth, but which also captured the world-changing history of gin. From the exotic spices traded along the Silk Road to social reforms in 18th Century London, Miller wanted to bottle gin's incredible story.

The world in a glass

When you sit beside the pool in Greenhill's gorgeous gardens, sipping a glass of Martin Miller's, you'll detect a lot more than juniper from Tuscany and India in your glass. You'll experience the delicate notes of France's finest angelica and Tuscany's best Florentine iris, as well as the scent of oriental flowers and the fragrance of orange groves on a warm night in Seville.

Award-winning exoticism

To say that Martin Miller's Gin is evocative of the exotic and the historic is to understate its wonderful taste, which has been remarked upon and awarded more than any other gin.

Martin Miller's has won more gold and platinum medals than any other gin in the past decade, including wins at the world's four most respected competitions: The World Spirits Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, ISC and IWSC.

Come and try Martin Miller's

You can enjoy the uniquely historical taste of Martin Miller's Gin in the uniquely historical setting of the Greenhills Country House Hotel, anytime this month. It truly is a taste to be savoured on a gorgeous Jersey summer's afternoon.

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