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July's Cocktail of the Month - Pina Kolada

05 Jul 2018

A nostalgia for the 1970s & 80s has seen the resurgence of many beloved cocktails from the era, and none more so than the piña colada. This classic cocktail is evocative of holidays in tropical climates, enjoyed on sun-drenched beaches such as those in its spiritual home of Puerto Rico.

La buena vida in San Juan

The piña colada is deeply rooted in the Caribbean lifestyle, and embodies the relaxed outlook of Puerto Ricans. Stories associate the rum, coconut and pineapple drink with pirates of the 19th century, but the cocktail's origins actually date back to the 1950s and a bartender in San Juan.

Ramón Marrero first concocted the piña colada - one part rum, one part coconut cream, three parts pineapple juice - in the Caribe Hilton, a luxury resort popular with the rich and famous. It was an instant hit. Over several months Marrero refined the mixture to create something he felt truly embodied the spirit of Puerto Rico.

In 1978 the piña colada became officially recognised as the national drink of Puerto Rico, and is celebrated on the island each year on July 10th.

Modern take on a classic

Our rum of the month, Koko Kanu, is steeped with tropical coconut, making it perfect for a fresh take on the piña colada. In a modern twist on the classic, the Piña Kolada blends the coconut infused rum with single cream, pineapple juice, pineapple chunks and a few drops of lime juice. On hot summer days, the Piña Kolada is best served in a chilled Poco Grande glass, whilst lounging in the garden or by the pool.

To enrich the cocktail further, make sure you use Jersey's signature single cream!

Piña Kolada: Ingredients
50ml Koko Kanu coconut rum
25ml pineapple juice
25ml single cream
4 chunks of pineapple
5ml lime juice

Mix it up and serve

Blend together all the ingredients in a mixer and serve in a chilled Poco Grande glass. Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg and a small slice of pineapple.


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