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January's Gin of the Month - Tanqueray London Dry Gin

16 Jan 2018

Alongside Gordon's, Tanqueray is a name synonymous with gin. Originally distilled in London, the secret to its crisp, dry taste has remained a secret ever since the first batch was poured.

Whilst the distillers of modern gins like to tell us exactly what goes into the botanicals that create their fantastic flavours, we can only guess at the recipe that has made Tanqueray London Dry Gin one of the most celebrated gins in the world.

Smooth and simple

Our best guess is that there aren't many different plants involved at all, which again sets Tanqueray apart from its modern cousins, which often seem to aim for exoticism rather than simply delivering great taste.

Of course there's juniper, but beyond that it has been left to the best palates in the industry to try to decipher the magic combination. The professional opinion is that angelica root, coriander seeds and liquorice are used to bolster the juniper and give Tanqueray its characteristically smooth flavour. The result is a well-balanced gin in which the juniper remains master, but with its sharpness kept in check.

Enjoyed by all

Known as Frank Sinatra's favourite tipple, Tanqueray is a drink that's graced the lips of the rich, famous and downright ordinary for nearly two centuries. In a world where innovation is often seen as better, it's a reminder that many things improve with age.

Whilst Tanqueray's distillery has moved north from London to Diageo's enormous plant at Cameron Bridge in Scotland, the gin itself has never lost its classic appeal, and today sells more than two million cases a year to customers the world over - including Jersey.

As a classic, our preference is to keep Tanqueray simple and serve it only with Fever Tree tonic and a slice of Pink Grapefruit. There are, however, plenty of cocktails that benefit from its inclusion, so if you're feeling adventurous just ask your bar tender for recommendations when Greenhills re-opens next month (9th February).

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