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Immerse Yourself in Jersey's Rural History

24 May 2017

Jersey's farming heritage may be centuries old, but it is still very much alive and keeping Jersey on the map with celebrated exports like Jersey Royals. Of course, Jersey's economy is no longer reliant on farming but many of the island's farms are still owned and run by the same families that have been their guardians for generations.

Historic Greenhills

Greenhills is itself a wonderful example of Jersey's farming heritage. First noted in documents dating back over 400 years to 1596, Greenhills was owned by the Remon family for over two centuries before passing to the Du Heaume family and then the Dallain family, under whose ownership the farm was given the name "Green Hills".

Greenhills remained a working farm until after the Second World War, when it was converted into a hotel by William RC Martin in 1954.

History worth learning

As you travel around the island, you'll see dozens of examples of fine Jersey farmhouses and each one has a history as deeply entwined with the land as Greenhills. There's no better place to learn about that history than the 'Farming Families' exhibition taking place at Hamptonne Country Life Museum over this bank holiday weekend of 27 - 29 May.

A short stroll

Hamptonne is about 30 minutes' walk due east of Greenhills and the stroll itself is worth undertaking, as you'll find yourself walking through some of Jersey's finest green lanes in the heart of St Lawrence.

If you're a guest of Greenhills this weekend, we can't recommend the 'Farming Families' exhibition highly enough. It will give you a wonderful perspective on the island's rural past. Alternatively, if you're an islander or staying elsewhere in Jersey, why not avoid the traffic that's likely to build around Hamptonne and enjoy a drink or lunch at Greenhills before undertaking the wonderful country walk.

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