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Fresh, light and delightful - these salads are perfect for sunny summer days.

02 Aug 2019

When you think of good country cooking, salads don't usually spring to mind. But here in the kitchen at Greenhills, regular deliveries of fresh, local produce let us create flavoursome summer salads with the best ingredients.

The following salads can be found on our light bites menu, which is served from 11.30am -9.30pm in our lounge bar and garden area

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with sun blushed tomatoes

Jersey's temperate climate makes it a fantastic place to grow vegetables you'd often find further south in the Med. This vegetarian salad combines locally grown sun-blushed tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines and peppers, all served on a bed of fresh leaves and drizzled in our vibrant house dressing.

The colours and flavours of this dish are a real summer showstopper!

Warm goat’s cheese & beetroot with pumpkin seeds

Goat's cheese and beetroot. Now there's a pairing that's sure to put grins on hungry faces! The warm, tangy cheese is a perfect partner for the earthily sweet beetroot, with a bed of locally grown lettuce providing a well balanced crunch to this gluten-free salad. 

Hand dived Jersey scallops with new potatoes and Jersey butter

Admittedly, the star of the show in this salad are the hand dived Jersey scallops. But the seasonal Jersey Royals and locally-grown lettuce they sit on provide a fresh and tasty balance to the richness of the scallops. 

The very best of Jersey's summer specialities all in one dish. What more could you want?... Well how about Lobster?

Half Jersey lobster salad

This salad is as Jersey as they come. Locally sourced Lobster, served with a side of Atlantic prawns, a rich Marie Rose sauce and fresh avocado mousse. It's Jersey on a plate, and you shouldn't leave without trying it!

Experience these salads for yourself

Ready to try one of our locally sourced salads? Booking a table is always recommended, but if you are in the area, pop in and we'll do our best to fit you in. 

To book a table in our lounge bar or garden area, call our team on +44 (0) 1534 481 042

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