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Flaming Friday Night Food Theatre at your Table

20 Apr 2017

Everybody loves flambé. Not only does it add spark to your meal but also a sense of theatre and extravagance!

Popularised in the 19th century when Christmas puddings and sweet omelettes were livened up with the ignition of rum or kirsch, flambé continues to fascinate foodies.

Great tastes

In honour of the fun and great tastes that have been brought to us by chefs who enjoy setting fire to their food, we'd like to invite you to join us at the Greenhills Country House Hotel for an evening dedicated to the flambé on Friday 21st April.

Our chefs have designed a menu that will light up your taste buds in anticipation of the theatre of flambé they're bringing to your table. It's a culinary adventure that will see your starter, main course and dessert all put to the torch for your delight.

Book today!

Come and enjoy a unique evening. Call 01534 481042 or email to book.

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