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February's Gin of the Month - London No. 1

21 Feb 2018

In the heart of London, amid its narrow medieval streets, lies a reminder of the city's once famous export: a real-life, fully functioning gin distillery.

Back in the 18th century, gin was manufactured all across the city in stills that varied in their level of legality! But fast forward to today and even the most famous of gins makers has moved out, finding it cheaper and easier to operate from further afield.

A gin that stands apart

The very fact that London No.1 is made in the heart of London ensures it stands apart from its competitors. Add to that the fact that every drop is distilled in small batch pot stills that enable its makers to keep a sharp eye on the quality of their product, and even before tasting you realise that you're dealing with a truly unique gin.

London No.1 is proud of its English heritage, displaying 'Made in England' on the bottle and using only the best quality grain from Norfolk and Suffolk in the distillation process.

A world of quality botanicals

Of course, no gin could be made from purely homegrown ingredients, and exotic additions need to be imported from around the world.

In the case of London No.1 12 stunning botanicals are used to give this gin its crisp, dry flavour. Dalmatian juniper, Moroccan coriander and French Angelica give the spirit a strong body upon which the sharp citrus tastes of Italian lemon and orange peel hang.

The exotic tastes don't stop there. Sri Lankan cinammon and Chinese cassia add warmth, whilst French Savory combines with Italian iris root and bergamot to give London No.1 its distinctive and fresh aroma.

London No.1 has been described as "a real modern classic" and received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 at online spirits retailer Master of Malt, so why not try a glass with tonic, ice and a slice and judge for yourself while relaxing in the warm surroundings of the Greenhills lounge?


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