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Experience a night of flaming food theatre

15 Feb 2018

Author Gesine Lemcke once noted, ‘Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.’ An often quoted sentiment, but one that embodies exactly what flambé is all about - a spectacular and theatrical method of cooking food.

Flaming food, particularly desserts, became hugely popular in the 19th century with sweet omelettes and, more famously, with Christmas puddings being set alight. The act is performed to perk up a dish by igniting rum, cognac or other liquor around the food - evaporating the alcohol but leaving the flavours!

Fiery flavours and fascination

In honour of this entertaining and great tasting method of cooking, we'd love to invite you to join us at the Greenhills Country House Hotel for an evening dedicated to the flambé on Friday 9th of March.

Our chefs have designed a menu to showcase the artistry and theatre of flambé with a range of dishes brought to your table. It's a culinary adventure that will see your starter, main course and dessert all put to the torch for your delight.

Don’t delay, book today!

To reserve your place at this unique evening, please call 01534 481042 or email

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