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The Go Wild Gorillas have been released. Can you discover them all?

16 Aug 2019

The Durrell Wildlife Conversation Trust are well known in Jersey for their innovative fundraising events and initiatives. This year, the Trust have released an entire troop of uniquely designed gorilla sculptures, creating an island-wide art trail known as the Go Wild Gorillas trail. 

From our country home in St Peter's Valley we can easily access the trail, and the following gorillas can be seen just a short walk or cycle from Greenhills. 

Gorilla In The Mist - St Peter's Valley

Head south along the footpath that runs alongside the La Vallée de St Pierre until you reach the Mont Fallu junction. Here you'll find local artist Abi Overland's homage to Diane Fossey's famous book, Gorillas in the Mist.

More info about this gorilla:

We Are All Connected - Catherine Best, The Windmill

Head north along La Vallée de St Pierre to St Mary's village, then take a left through the village for about 1km and you'll reach The Windmill. Here you'll find We Are All Connected, a colourful, spider webbed Gorilla that represents humanity's connection to our natural surroundings.

More info about this gorilla:

Be Who You Really Are - Val De La Mar Reservoir 

Head up Les Routeurs hill toward St Peter's Village and take a right onto La Grande Route de St Pierre for 500m. On the left turn into the carpark for Val De La Mar Reservoir, and you'll find Be Who You Really Are standing proud. This gorilla sports an enormous colourful mandala and celebrates the relationship between the environment and humans.

More info about this gorilla:

Follow the trail

For more information about the Go Wild Gorillas trail and an interactive map to help you find them all, visit the website here.

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