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Delicious game dishes added to our à la carte menu

03 Dec 2019

An acquired taste? Yes. But for those who enjoy the strong and unique flavours of perfectly cooked game, these new additions to our à la carte menu will provide a mouth-watering alternative for your main course. 

Game Cassoulet, but not as you know it

In its classic form, cassoulet is a hearty French dish revered for its energy-replenishing properties rather than its refined presentation.

But our version of the French favourite replaces the traditional pork with a selection of succulent game to produce a rich, melt-in-the-mouth cassoulet that's slow-cooked to perfection.

Pomme purée, pickled beetroot & walnut granola accompanies the cassoulet to cut through the richness and provide a well-balanced, warming and delicious main course.

And what's more, this dish is gluten-free.

Guinea fowl with black pudding bon-bon

Guinea fowl rarely makes its way onto Jersey menus, but this small domesticated fowl that is often compared to Pheasant packs a gamey punch, and is a delight to prepare. 

Our Head Chef, Lukasz Piestrasz, has devised this dish to celebrate the unique taste and texture of Guinea Fowl, pairing the breast with a delicate black pudding bon-bon, rainbow carrots and a zingy onion purée.

The dish's simplicity allows you to savour this rare treat. If cooked perfectly (as ours is), guinea fowl is succulent and moist, reducing the need for a sauce and allowing you to discover it's true flavour with every bite.

Roast loin of venison

Roast loin of venison is available during lunch and dinner from our á la carte menu.

For many of our guest, roast loin of venison is the gateway dish into the flavoursome world of game. 

Cooked rare, the loin is the least 'gamey' cut of venison, providing a leaner but similar eating experience to a fillet of beef.

Our roast loin of venison is served with a crunchy potato rosti, beautifully bright butternut squash, succulent girolle mushroom and a red wine and chocolate jus.

Good news celiacs, this dish is gluten-free.

Book your table to try to the game menu

If these game dishes have sparked your appetite, call us on +44 (0) 1534 481 042 and reserve a table in our beautifully appointed restaurant today. 

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