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Cocktail of the month: the Old Fashioned

05 Nov 2018

The Old Fashioned is thought to have first been served in 1881 in an gentleman's club in Louisville, Kentucky. The bourbon whiskey based recipe is believed to have been invented by one of the club's bartenders in honour of Colonel James E. Pepper, an accomplished and well respected bourbon distiller from the region. 

We serve it the 'Old Fashioned' way

Over the years, bartenders across the world have made adjustments to the recipe, but we believe the simple 'old fashioned way' is still the best. Our recipe consists of a hit of bourbon or rye whisky (rum can be used too), muddled sugar and Angostura Bitters, served over a rock of ice and accompanied with a sliced of orange rind. As the ice melts, the potency of the liquor reduces, leaving a smooth, sophisticated flavour that's stood the test of time. 

Where to enjoy one? 

Now the colder weather has settled in, there's only really one place we'd recommend enjoying an Old Fashioned - and that's in our cosy hotel lounge. You can't beat pulling up an arm chair and taking a seat next to our roaring log fire with an expertly prepared drink from our cocktail menu in hand. Winter bliss. 

Putting an Old Fashioned together

  1. Muddle the bitters and sugar in a short tumbler. 
  2. Add a rock of ice just smaller than glass itself. 
  3. Add the rye, bourbon or rum. 
  4. Top with a slice of orange rind and serve. 
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