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August’s Cocktail of the Month: Black Mojito

16 Aug 2018

Forged forty leagues under the sea in the wreck of a ship which met a mysterious end, The Black Mojito is spectacularly spicy and sharp!

Zesty lime slices, muddled mint leaves, sugar and a dash of soda water are joined by a healthy splash of spicy Kraken Rum, providing a real kick in this summertime cocktail with a twist.

Mojitos are a staple of any well designed cocktail menu and an old favourite of our bar staff, but the Black Mojito doesn’t play by the rules: it replaces the smoothness of white rum with a spicy, fruity punch courtesy of a traditionally distilled Caribbean dark rum.

What makes a Black Mojito

2 parts Kraken Rum
2 lime slices
Muddled mint leaves
1 tbsp sugar
Topped with soda water
Crushed Ice

Putting it together

Ice in, mint in, lime in. Crush with a pestle. Liberally pour in the Kraken. Top with soda water, sugar the rim and serve.

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