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April's Rum of the Month - Appleton Estate​

13 Apr 2018

The preferred tipple of salty old sea dogs, rum has developed a reputation as a spirit that packs a punch rather than delivering a sophisticated taste. But this all changes when you try Appleton Estate's Rare Blend 12 Year Old for the first time.

The rarest of rums

Appleton Estate is rare among rum distilleries for being recognised as having its own distinctive terroir - that is, its own unique weather, soil and geographic conditions that impart a particular quality to its rums. On top of nature's gifts, Appleton Estate's master distillers carefully select the sugar cane varieties in their rum, in order to carefully manage its taste and texture.

The estate's Rare Blend 12 Year Old is the result of a perfectly balanced selection of Appleton rums that have been matured for at least twelve years, soaking up the flavours and aromas not only of the oak barrels in which they're stored, but also the tropical environment in which they're laid.

It is these years of tropical ageing that give the Rare Blend the rich mahogany hue, confident woody character, and smooth robust taste that's enjoyed by rum enthusiasts from Jamaica and all around the world.

Savour each sip

Produced entirely in the heart of Jamaica, Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old captures the essence of the unique, lush and fertile terrain in which it is produced. As a blend, its taste is constantly evolving: with each sip you’ll discover deep oak with cocoa notes supported by the delicate suggestion of molasses, vibrant orange peel, rich vanilla, subtle coffee and almond.

Discover the flavour of Jamaica in the heart of Jersey​

Today, rum is much more than a sailor's tipple. It's a drink that has captured the heart of Jamaica and delivered it to the world. So join us and take a sip while you relax in the garden at Greenhills, enjoying the spring sun right in the heart of Jersey.

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