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A walker's respite

04 Apr 2018

Of course, we're bound to think that Greenhills is a great place to take a breather from a walk, enjoy a refreshing drink and perhaps, if time is on your side, to stop for dinner but you don't have to take our word for it, because one of Jersey's most experienced Blue Badge Guides is of the same opinion.

Listen to the experts!

Along with his Blue Badge colleagues, Arthur Lamy has been taking visitors on guided walks of the island for decades, helping them get even more from the beautiful natural landscape by explaining the island's rich history along the way. So when he suggests somewhere that's worth stopping by on your walk, then it's an opinion worth listening too!

Arthur's suggested 6 km long St Lawrence Circular walking route that includes a stop at the Greenhills, is a classic Jersey walk which takes you from sandy seashore to verdant wooded valley via a short climb so you can drink in the stunning coastal views over St Aubin's Bay.

Greenhills' central location means it's the ideal place to take a break from walks or cycle rides that explore Jersey in all directions. You can just as easily continue to the island's rugged north coast or head west to the surf lined beach of St Ouen's Bay, as you can continue back along St Peter's Valley to complete the circular route.

A break for all occasions

The great thing about stopping at Greenhills is that you have the choice of enjoying a refreshment (cream tea anyone?) with or without a light bite, by the pool in our gorgeous, sun-drenched garden or, if the weather's not to your liking, you can come into our cosy and comfortable lounge.

Alternatively, you could stop for dinner in our restaurant, where you'll enjoy a truly sumptuous meal made from the freshest, often local ingredients and served by our wonderful waiting staff.

However you want to spend your day adventuring through Jersey's countryside, listen to Arthur and make sure you plan your trek around a break at the Greenhills.


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